To be Bold, Brave and Beautiful… a journey into oneself

Be Bold.  Be Brave.  Be Beautiful.  How do you feel when you hear these words?  Some people think… Hell yeah!  Damn right… Other’s may cower at this statement thinking something like… Hmmmm.  Not quite there yet.  Oh please…  Let me just hide in this crowd.

To Be Bold, Brave and Beautiful, is a practice.  It takes being and feeling good in your own skin.  Bold enough to be try something new and to believe in yourself enough, to let your beauty shine out…  It’s not easy.  It’s flipping scary.  But if we just work towards this every day, with practice… we will be able to be BOLDER, BRAVER AND BEAUTIFUL, from the inside out.

Here’s a little story on how I am trying to step into my own and try something new…

Over a year ago, a good friend of mine Shannon Walsh invited me to see a show called Amplify Your Intuition, with Gabriel Bernstein, right here in Montreal at Place des Arts.  Gabby calls herself the Spirit Junkie.  A former drug addict turned best-selling author and motivational speaker.  When Shannon invited me, I had zero idea who Miss Bernstein was.  All I knew was that she was supposed to be inspiring.

Gabby, pranced across the stage, with her beautiful, blond tresses, dressed in this white suit.  She uplifted others by sharing her own raw stories of hardship.  She described some of her epic fails and how she was able to dig herself out… reverse the negative spiral.  She was authentic, relatable and captivating.  She spoke of mindfulness, being open, practicing self-compassion and believing in yourself.

As I watched her and listened to her, I realized that the way she spoke and the messages that she shared were completely in line with just about everything I say in my yoga classes.  Sure, she looked like this beautiful angel in her white elegant suit… and me… Well, as some of you know, I totally ditched the corporate life four years ago to open up Energie EnCorps, so I could come to work in my pajamas!   So, for me, every day looks like … no makeup, legwarmers, often mismatching socks and a messy pony-tail…  But aside from the external appearance, I actually did feel very connected to the white goddess woman in front of me… ?

As I continued to observe, I could feel the exchange of energy in the room… the love and gratitude between Gabby and the people who have been touched by her, through her books and her blogs.   It is the same beautiful sense of thanks, I feel from our community at the wellness centre every day.  It is this feeling that makes me genuinely love what I do.  It is this appreciation that makes it feel like I do not really work anymore.  The ability to uplift others and to help them SHINE is the fruit of my labor and it is what propels me to continue on this incredible journey.

As Shannon and I sat in the car after the show, I said to her…

 You know, I think I can do that.  I think… I want to SPEAK.

So what did I do?  Well, I put it out into the universe.  Sounds super crazy and granola, right?   But that is exactly what I did… I said it out loud.  I declared to myself… I want to be a speaker.  I will write a book and I will share my own personal story,  my experiences and hopefully inspire others along the way.

And just like that… opportunities started to flow in.  When our centre was asked for corporate yoga classes, I offered talks on mindfulness.  These talks turned into team building activities on meditation and mindfulness at the workplace and school.  Several months later, I began speaking at conferences.  This week I received a new opportunity to develop a wellness program for a large corporation here in the city.  It’s starting to flow…

Now I want you to realize that I am a master at nothing.  I mess up all the time.  Every day I have to figure things out. Often you will find me in front of my Doterra essential oils display at the studio creating a concoction of oils to douse myself with… INHALE, BREATHE… GET A GRIP.

What are the things that get to me?  Things like.. negative people, difficult conversations, negotiations, dealing with conflict, making sure everyone is happy… What are the things that can sometimes keep my mind too busy?  Things like, managing lots of people… providing opportunities, motivation, talent development, doing the right thing, being fair, providing the right support… being a business owner is not a walk in the park.  Why do you think I do so much yoga?  Ha ha…

Sometimes my projects work and others times they fail.  I did not know how to do anything the first time. I did not know HOW to become a mom or a wife. Despite my multiple business degrees, I did not know HOW to open up a business.  Honestly, all I really knew how to be… was a good employee.  I certainly did not know HOW to become a public speaker.

I always feel nervous the first time I try something.  I always feel disappointed when something does not work out… but that’s ok.  I have come to realize that everything is a learning experience.  Even if the fruits fall from the tree and get bruised once in a while, well the roots of my tree are getting stronger and stronger.  This blog?  It’s my journal.  I journal to reflect and think about how I can be better.  I breathe in the good and exhale out the bad.

The more I move along my journey of yoga, the more I realize how much the philosophy of yoga has very little to do with the mat.  Today my passion is to simply pass this on, helping others to be able to feel more BOLD, BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL.  First, take a deep breath and then decide… What BOLD thing will I do today?

Rozel Gonzales speaker yoga teacher motivational speaker keynote corporate wellness guruRozel Gonzales is a passionate yoga teacher, speaker, entrepreneur and mother of three, dedicated to helping people SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  Following her son’s battle with cancer in 2010, Rozel left a successful corporate career to follow her dream and open the Energie EnCorps Wellness Centre in 2014.  The center is an expression of gratitude for her son’s remission and a platform to promote balanced and healthy living in body and mind. Rozel pours her heart and soul into uplifting others, teaching others to live in the present moment and to take the philosophy of yoga OFF THE MAT and into the world.  For information on corporate wellness programs, educational and inspirational talks on mindfulness and yoga or the Energie EnCorps 200h Ashtanga Yoga YTT program,  feel free to reach out by email to

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