RESTORATIVE YOGA + MASSAGE: A journey to self- care

Restorative yoga + massage is one of our most popular classes.  In fall 2014, I decided to try it out for the first time and I was mind-blowing by the outcome! At that time, I was suffering from an injury in the low back and this class helped me to release any blockage from that body area. How was I able to release them? By letting myself go, through deep breath accompanied with unavoidable tears. I felt safe and ready to cry in that sacred space. After this first experience, I felt amazing and realized that my body needs more self-care!

Every experience will be unique, it will give whatever your body needs when you let yourself open to receive. In this class, you will experience a meditation state of mind since you will be closing your eyes during your restorative yoga poses that may last up to 10 minutes. Restorative yoga is about self-care, acknowledging any pain and emotional blockage from the body. It is as a deep relaxation, a combination of breath work while receiving a massage during our poses by our amazing massage therapist Yolanda and our teachers Carlo and Carmela, who create a safe space for their students with their soothing energy.

Restorative yoga will give you awareness to any blockage from the body and if you are ready, you will release them during the class.

The restorative yoga + massage class at Energie Encorps, located in Kirkland are for people who are looking for a quality time to take care of their body physically and emotionally through a deep relaxation.

Written by Ophelie Perman, exchanger at Energie EnCorps 

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