SLOW DOWN before it’s too late

This morning as I backed out of my driveway, I hit the car that was parked right behind me.  No big damage.  But, it was the third time that I hit a car parked there in the past 6 months.  Sure, it’s not a smart place to park!  But, hello… I should be going slower.  And of course, I should be paying more attention to what the heck I am doing.  While I actually LOOK  into the rearview mirror, I do not actually SEE anything.

I see it all the time in class.  New person sits in meditation.  Twitching.  Scratching.  Drinking water.  They are restless and will not stop moving.  They are there physically, but they are not there mentally.  What’s for dinner?  Wow this is long.  Am I the only one closing my eyes?  This is so weird.   That was me.  In my car, but my mind was elsewhere…

Yesterday I spoke at an entrepreneurs conference called D-Code.  As speakers, we shared stories of courage, resilience, failure, and success.  The whole point of the conference was to empower and inspire fellow entrepreneurs by sharing personal stories.  The conference was called D-Code, because successful people leave clues to decode.  They all have life hacks.  They all do things that work for them … that may work for you too.  It’s pretty ironic that I spoke about mindfulness… because clearly this morning I was not really mindful at all.

I keep bumping into the same woman’s car.  It’s the cleaning lady who works across the street.  I can’t get over how nice this woman has been to me.  I am not sure if I would have been so patient.

Ding Dong.  Ummm, you’re not gonna believe this… I am so sorry.  I did it again.  Please, please come outside and see what I did…  I am so sorry.  I will pay for it.

Wonderful, it’s her other car this time.  I feel so dumb.  I keep leaving my mark on her property.  Like I am some kind of wild animal marking my territory.  I feel like a complete idiot.  Her bumper is slightly popped out.

Oh really, it’s no problem.   It’s an old car.  Don’t worry about it.

ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Holy crap, I must have some kind of horseshoe up my *&@#!   REALLY?  I can’t believe it.

Life sends you clues.  Life sends you messages.  I am lucky that no one has ever been behind the car.   No kid, no animal. I am lucky that my fender benders, were just that.  But, I need to slow down.  I need to PAY ATTENTION, BE PRESENT AND BREATHE.  If I keep up like this, I will hurt someone or get into a bigger accident.

A couple of years ago I got this fancy car phone holder as a gift.  A magnetic device that fits into the vent of the car so that I can see my phone while I drive.  BRILLIANT, right?   I could use it to follow the GPS, I could use it to make a phone call… I could check my phone whenever I want without having to look down and be safe.  The worst idea on the planet.  A huge, huge distraction.  A FLUCTUATION OF THE MIND.

Stop it Rozel.  It’s enough.  From now on, screw the phone holder.  Put away your the phone.  Now.

How ridiculous is it that it only takes me 7 minutes to get from my house to my studio and I still feel the urge to put my phone into the holder to see my texts and notifications?  PRACTICE DETACHMENT.  Addiction and dependency cause weakness.  We all think that being able to multi-task is this wonderful thing… but this is too much.

Yesterday one of the speakers spoke about JOURNALING.   Lots of yogis journal and I used to do it more often, but I kind of fell off the bandwagon.  So, here I am starting all over again.  It’s not too late.  It’s what I tell all my students.  I am taking the time to self-reflect on my day, simpling noticing my thoughts, my reactions to things, figuring out what I need to do… and in this exercise, I am realizing who and how I want to be.  Just like practicing on the mat and trying to better our movements… Journaling helps one to figure things out and hopefully helps us to become better versions of ourselves.

From now on… I am announcing it and committing to it.  No more phone in that fancy holder.  No more phone in the car.

Tomorrow I am taking this year’s YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) group on a weekend yoga retreat.  I look forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle for a bit, going into the country… and leaving my car and my phone for the weekend.

We all have stuff… to figure out.  Want to try journaling too?

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Rozel Gonzales, is the owner of the Energie EnCorps Wellness centre in the West Island of Montreal. She is a passionate yoga and fitness teacher, speaker and entrepreneur, dedicated to helping people SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  Each day she advocates living in the present moment and taking the philosophy of yoga OFF THE MAT. A mother of 3 young boys, Rozel is proud to be the lead instructor for the 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainingat her centre, continuously developing talented teachers who are passionate about what they do and are able to spread the passion for yoga to other. To sign up for classes, book a massage, osteopathy or nutrition appointment or for more info on our workshops or teacher trainings, please visit our site: HELPING YOU SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT!



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