Yes, Osteos Can Treat UTIs!


Here are some great tips about the taboo topic of UTI’s from our Energie EnCorps osteopath Stéphane Baudin!

I often treat women that suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections, and even though it is considered normal in the medical system to have up to 3 infections a year, a lot of women never suffer from this ailment. On top of that, having to take antibiotics every time is also a downside. Women never get treated in Osteopathy specifically for this particular reason, probably because very few know that sometimes this be caused by mechanical factors which are treatable in Osteopathy.

A urinary tract infection starts with the infection of the urine, one of the factors often causing this is the incapacity of the bladder to completely evacuate all the urine, as a result the left over urine allows for bacterial development which can then bring about an infection. The bladder is a supple organ on top of which is resting a very muscular uterus. The uterus can sometimes compress the ladder, keeping it from completely emptying out, this can be addressed by an Osteopathic practitioner, thus helping women freeing themselves from this condition.

Here are some other factors contributing to this condition:
• low hydration: urine stays longer in the bladder, more time is given for the bacteria to develop.
• incorrect genital hygiene: too much hygiene, or not enough can cause unbalance in the genital flora causing recurrent infections.
• constipation can increase anal bacterial development, often colonizing the genital area.

Practical advice:
• drink a lot of water, this will help flush urine often.
• your pelvic area needs to be unrestricted and mobile, this will allow better immune circulation. Yoga can greatly help for this, and other health issues.
• keep away from tight synthetic clothes which irritate and encourage bacterial development.
• don’t over clean the genital area and use the bathroom after sexual intercourse.
• if you have a tendency to suffer from this ailment, keep away from Jacuzzis.
• treat constipation if present.

Stay healthy, and don’t hesitate to visit me at Énergie EnCorps,

Stéphane Baudin, Osteopath.


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Stéphane Baudin graduated from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal, and is currently conducting research in the field of palpation and the vascular rhythms to complete his Masters in Osteopathy. He is trained in traditional osteopathy, of which he fully embraces the holistic philosophy, and continuously participates in various osteopathic seminars for the well-being of his patients. Trained to treat adults and children, he enjoys yoga, gymnastics, meditation, reading and the great outdoors.

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