Yoga Story Series: Ancient Deities and Yoga Folklore

Go on an adventure with Yoga Storyteller Bhaskar Goswami.
Growing up in an Indian family, Bhaskar grew up with superheroes like Rama, Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesha and Parvati. They were his Superman, Batman, Ironman, Hulk and Wonder Woman! Join us in an intimate setting to hear stories of deities from ancient yogic folklore and how they relate to the beautiful practice yoga. If you have a deep passion for the practice of yoga, it's time to learn about the history, the mythology and the beliefs that are the foundation of the practice. You see the symbols all the time.... the elephant, the monkey, the goddess with 4 arms... who are they? Learn more with Bhaskar.
Date: January 13th
Time: 1-4
Cost: 50$