FREE - What is Project Chakras?

Join Nicole Fortunaso from a Reiki Master, life coach and Crystal Healer and Naturopath in training in a free workshop that explores the upcoming 8 week journey “Project Chakras”.
In this free session we will go over the course synopsis and what is involved in learning about chakras. You will get an overview of how we can explore your chakras by using different technics such as guided meditations, questionnaires and life coaching tips all from the perspective of your chakras. The course will also dive into what physical, mental and emotional manifestations are associated with each chakra.
We all have chakras and their energy configuration is unique to us and you can learn to work with them - and create your own practical ways to move towards your own unique balance and harmony.
About Nicole
Nicole Fortunaso hails from down under. She came to Canada from Australia for a new experience and for a business opportunity over 15 years ago. She is focused on helping individuals find ways to stay tranquil, grounded and gain clarity with holistic and intuitive life coaching, using Reiki, tarot and practical approaches based on her experiences. Despite having a successful corporate career in marketing and technology, Nicole suffered for many years with low self-worth and gave her power to others who she thought were better than her. As a result, she moved away from who she was, looking externally for things that would validate and fix her and her situation. It wasn't until she discovered personal development and explored spirituality that she discovered that she was not broken – that despite all her flaws she was ok. This is what has inspired her to create this program to share her learnings from the mind, body and spirit perspectives and create the opportunity for others to find their truth, their tranquility and clarity from within and regain balance in their lives.


Nicole is married with a 4-year-old daughter, she is a reiki master and has two bachelor degrees in science and business. She has also completed a life coaching certification and is avid reader of a variety of self-improvement and esoteric topics. Not only does she work with individuals to provide the opportunity for clarity and tranquility through, she also works with entrepreneurs assisting them with mindfully starting their business and removing their road blocks to create success. She does a variety of workshops in the West Island and donates reiki sessions at theWest Island Cancer Center.

As a thank-you for attending we will end the session with a colour meditation focusing on cleansing and nurturing our chakras.
Date: Monday, January 14th, 2019
Time: 7:45-9:00pm
Cost: FREE

* Please note this session is offered in ENGLISH*