Rock Your Asana: Strong Foundations + Core Essentials

Strong Foundations + Core Essentiels

In this workshop, you will learn that your core is your foundation, your source of power and energy. Learn how strengthen your foundation by activating your core through the concepts of breath and rooting in yoga.

ROCK YOUR ASANA is a new workshop series designed for the yoga enthusiast interested in deepening their practice, interested in learning more about alignment, technique, modifications, and the timing of breath with movement. Taught by Energie EnCorps senior teachers Rozel and Melissa, each workshop will cover a different topic. This is your chance to ask questions, to experiment and learn in a way that is not possible in a continuous class setting. A workshop for ALL levels of participants, beginner to advanced and all fitness levels. The goal of this workshop series is to learn the best way for YOU to practice.

Take a look below at our first line-up of workshops and their different dates. Feel free to recommend more topics of interest! These are for YOU!

Workshops will take place on the following Saturdays from 1:00 - 3:30 pm.


  • Sun Salutation Basics with Melissa (May 4): Learn the postures, alignment principles and breath required to correctly practice SURYA NAMASKAR, the beginning of your practice. You will understand the effect of each posture on your spine, as well as the story and the intention behind each movement.
  • Strong Foundations + Core Essentials with Rozel (June 1): Your core is your foundation, your source of power and energy. Learn how strengthen your foundation by activating your core through the concepts of breath and rooting in yoga.
  • Open your Hips, Open your Heart with Melissa (Sept 14): Open up your hips and heart with with patience and kindness. Let go of stored up emotions in the hips and slowly learn how to back bend, or open up the heart. Learn a progression of postures using props to slowly build up the strength and flexibility required to further for hip openers and back bending postures.
  • Arm Balancing and Inversions with Rozel (Oct 19): Arm balances and inversions are a fun part of a yoga practice that will help to build strength, balance and mental clarity. Learn a progression of strength and balancing postures helping you to learn how to balance on your hands or turn your world upside down! Best of all learn that there is a modification for everyone, beginners to advanced practitioners!

COST: 50$ per workshop or 160$ for all 4 workshops

Rozel Bio
Rozel Gonzales, owner of Energie Encorps, brings over 20 years of teaching experience to this teacher training. A traditionally trained Ashtanga instructor, Rozel teaches with compassion and an open-heart, truly there to encourage her students to grow in body, mind, and spirit... teaching from the understanding that yoga is for all. Passionate about continuous learning, Rozel travels each year to attends teacher trainings, workshops and classes to deepen her practice. Grateful for the teachers in her life, Mark and Shankara Darby and Manju Jois, son of the late Ashtanga guru, Pattabhi Jois, Rozel continues to evolve and change as she meets other amazing teachers along her life long journey. In 2017 Rozel became a registered massage therapist and was Roll Model trained to incorporate myofascial release with YogatuneUp therapy balls. Each year she is committed to learning more to bring back to her students and to the studio.

Melissa Bio
Melissa Mungiovi holds a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Early Childhood and Elementary education. She has over 15 years of work experience in the field. She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Wanting to share the joy of yoga with her students, she got certified in Kundalini yoga through the Radiant Child program. Melissa has been teaching yoga since 2012. A certified 200h Ashtanga Yoga Alliance certified teacher, Melissa completed her training at Energie EnCorps with teachers Rozel Gonzales and Shankara Darby. She currently assists with the Energie EnCorps YTT.