Partner Yoga

Discover the joy and deep satisfaction that comes from forming a meaningful collaboration with a partner, and enjoy a fluid and flowing session of partner-yoga with emphasis on the healing qualities of Metta (kindness and compassion)!

Partner yoga and Acro yoga with Stanley is a fun, mindful practice with a steady and progressive challenge curve, which enables you to learn and develop at a steady and enjoyable pace. 

In this 3-hour body-movement exploration and basic therapeutic massage workshop, you will improve your ability to express the best version of yourself and you will expand your receptiveness to the generosity of others. This relationship-building program includes some partner-based core-strengthening exercises, partner-yoga and acro-yoga, a guided-massage exchange as well as basic non-violent communication exercises and non-verbal communication exercises.

The results are a sense of connection with your true and authentic self as you explore and express your full potential by pushing back your boundaries and exploring new possibilities. Come with a friend, relative, lover or come alone and you can pair up with others who come unaccompanied (as is customary for this program).



Stanley Norris is a student of yoga since 2002 and he completed a 200hr ''Hatha'' yoga teacher training at Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in Madurai India. In 2009 he began teaching yoga and learning partner yoga, acro-yoga and massotherapy. In 2011 he completed the 100hrs acro yoga teacher training program at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal. He also adopted their Ashtanga practice for the next 3 years and completed another 50 hours of acro yoga training in 2013. In 2016, he discovered and began to practice the Dr. Bali Method of Therapeutic Yoga. Today he teaches hatha, restaurative, therapeutic, partner and acro yoga.


Date: August 11

Time: 1 - 4pm

Cost: 45$