Yin Yoga Philosophy and Practice

Yin Yoga Philosophy and Practice 

A one-day workshop intensive for yoga teachers and experienced students.

We live in a very “Yang” society: Fast-paced, stimulating and goal-oriented. Even the yoga we practice tends to be very Yang in nature, filled with strong, flowing, repetitive movements that heat the body. Yin yoga honours our profound need for balance with its long-held, passive stretches that encourage the deep release of tension from the hips, legs and spine while teaching us to trust our intuition and go with the flow.

For Yin Yoga to be practiced and taught safely and effectively, it’s important to understand the
philosophy behind it: What exactly is Yin Yoga? How far should we take the stretches and why?
How and why do our intentions, attitude, voice and language affect the practice?

In this workshop, you will learn:
• What Yin Yoga is (and is not)
• The foundational principles for a safe and beneficial Yin Yoga practice
• How understanding our personal relationship to Yin and Yang can completely transform
the way we teach and practice Yin yoga
• How to use your voice, language and the subconscious mind to get yourself and your
students in the "Yin Zone"
• A Yin yoga practice to apply what we learned

Melanie Richards Bio:
Founder and Director of HappyTree Yoga in Montreal [Est. 2007], Melanie leads Hatha, Yin and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training programs. She is a passionate speaker, writer and workshop leader (TEDx Montreal Women, MUHC Conferences, Cirque du Soleil, Expo Yoga Quebec, Wanderlust Tremblant) on the topics of yoga and meditation. A certified Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher, her current influences include Vipassana meditation and the wise guidance of her spiritual teachers, Nischala Joy Devi and Lisa Lajoie. She originally learned Yin Yoga in 2007 with Mark Laham and with Paul and Suzee Grilley. Melanie teaches from the heart with both compassion and humour, and loves nothing more than to serve people in discovering their true Self.


Date: Jan 25

Time: 11 - 5pm

Cost: $120