Learn to let it go... and Declutter

Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Mind.
Studies have shown that the physical state of your home reflects how you feel in your head. Letting go of the physical clutter can create positive energy that can become a catalyst in making other changes in your life. With less focus on the stuff in your life, you can focus on living a life of abundance, building stronger relationships and gain more breathing space to do those meaningful things in your life. In this workshop, we will introduce you to a simple techniques to help you let go of your physical clutter to reduce overwhelm and get rid of the guilt of hanging on to stuff you no longer need! Leave with practical ready to use tips and tricks to help you Let it Go!

Top 5 lessons to learn:

  • The positive impact of decluttering on your health, family and lifestyle
  • How to identify the different types of clutter in your space and how to methodically get rid of it
  • How to work through the emotions of letting go of objects
  • Tips and tricks to organize your home and to save time
  • How to get mental clutter out of your head and instead turn it into action.


Bio for Natalie Pedicelli:

Nathalie is a professional organizer and life coach based in the West Island. Her company is called, Organize Thrive and Monetize. (add link) With over 25 years organizing people, events and places, she’s been a featured speaker at leading international conferences training other Professional Organizers at NAPO, Coaches at the International ADHD Conference (hosted by CHADD, ADDA & ACO) or Health Care Practitioners at CADDRA, on how organization helps people with ADHD live a less chaotic, less stressful and more productive life. She's currently working on becoming Canada's first Certified ADHD Organizer Coach (CAOC). When she’s not rescuing another creative entrepreneur’s office from mayhem or saving a neurologically diverse couple from divorce, you can find Nathalie learning the flags and capitals of the world, indulging in the latest sci-fi fantasy TV series or weeding and pruning in her garden.


Date: March 26

Time: 7:45 - 9pm

Cost: $30 + tax