The Power of Gratitude


“The single greatest thing you can do to change your life today would be to start being grateful for what you have right now.”

When life gets too busy and we feel like we are constantly on the go, everything becomes a blur and we stop noticing what surrounds us. Our mindset moves into survival mode and we only end up focussing on things that are urgent. We get caught up in our daily routine and worry about our problems, rather than taking the time to slow down, reflect and breathe.

Do you ever take a moment during your day to ask yourself: What am I grateful for today? How do I want to feel waking up every morning? What act of kindness did I offer and receive lately? Not many people are aware that gratitude like anything else is a practice. By developing your own practice, you will feel the positive emotions and experience the endless benefits that come with gratitude!

For the busy moms who feel like they have no time, the employee who is feeling burnt out, the student who is just trying to stay awake and to anyone who just needs a break, we invite you to connect with others and bring more positivity to your life.

Come and join us for an interactive workshop which offers a safe space where together we will explore how the practice of gratitude can bring more joy, love and abundance into your life. During this workshop you will learn the benefits of gratitude through self-reflective exercises, fun group activities and be given the tools that can enhance the well-being and happiness in your life. Start feeling good today and learn how to maintain a continued positive attitude in your life!


Date: Feb 8

Time: 1 - 3pm

Cost: $30 + taxe


Aileen's bio:

Aileen Borruel is the owner of Joyful Connections. She is an enthusiastic and compassionate workshop facilitator, social worker, laughter yoga instructor, mama of 4 little ones and loves to uplift and inspire those around her. Aileen has over 15 years of work experience in the helping profession in community and government settings. Helping others has always been a passion of Aileen’s and through her own recent spiritual journey and self-growth, she discovered her true purpose in life, which is offering wellness workshops that promotes positivity and the importance of human connection for our well-being. With her fun, genuine, positive energy she brings to her workshops, it allows her participants to feel more joy, love and connection!