Yoga Teacher Training halfway done! What I’ve noticed…

In my sixth Energie EnCorps Ashtanga 200hr yoga teacher training weekend, we finished going over all of the postures in the primary series. I feel comfortable with the postures and know what comes next since I practice mysore regularly and do weekly led ashtanga classes. Still, I have a long way to go to perfect each posture in the series but I am patient with myself to know that with enough practice, I will get there. Some postures might even take years for me to be comfortable to perform its full variation such as garb pindasana; the one where you have to go in a little ball with your legs in lotus and then roll around 9 times. I can’t even get into the full lotus yet since my hips are still tight. There are ways to accelerate this process by doing certain stretches and exercises at home. Also want to mention I’ve only started practicing ashtanga regularly from April 2016.

Since I do work full time and try to judge all the other things in life, I find it sometimes challenging for me to meditate or practice at home. There is always some chore to get done at home so by the time I get everything done, I tend to skip my intent on practicing them. I would need a friend to practice with me or go to the studio to keep me on track. I am really happy Rozel, the owner at Energie Encorps has incorporated mysore as part of the schedule. That has really allowed to me bring my practice to a whole new level. Since mysore is not a led class, I can take the time to go through the primary series on my own and focus on the postures I’m having trouble with. The yoga teachers that teach mysore are just there to help you with the postures you’re having trouble with and will correct your alignment if need be.

Since meditation goes hand in hand with yoga, we did some more of that again our yoga teacher training weekend and got to practice beginning meditation as if we were teaching it in class. The exercise consisted of picking out an intention card and come up with a five minute opening meditation with that in mind. And yet again this month, there were a few people who’s intention card really spoke to them and opened up about what is currently going on in their lives or things they notice about themselves they would like to change. As you can tell, it is also a good exercise to also reflect on yourself too.

Next yoga teacher training weekend is the retreat and more than half of my journey is already complete! Looking forward to creating deeper bonds with my fellow trainees.


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Written by Julie Kelechian, Energie EnCorps Yoga Teacher Trainee.  Julie is currently enrolled in the Energie EnCorps 200h Ashtanga YTT, a Yoga Alliance recognized program.  To learn more about the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) or other YTT workshops at Energie EnCorps in the West Island, visit:


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