Embarking on my YTT journey

Before I get into the specifics of why I joined the Energie EnCorps YTT (Yoga Teacher Training), it will be fitting to first give a little description about myself. Growing up, I was one of the shyest kids in the classroom. This, in my opinion, has led me to be a great listener but I knew to grow as a person, I needed to get out of my comfort zone and speak out. Slowly throughout my teenage years, I would take baby steps to overcome my fear of public speaking. I tried toastmasters for a couple of years, which helped but I would still get nervous and anxious before presenting.

Then in April 2016, I was introduced to Rozel and she invited me to try her Sunday morning Ashtanga class. I know what you are thinking; my first class at Energie EnCorps is the most intense one at the studio, why risk discouraging me? But I insisted I was ready to try it. For a whole year after I tried her class, I would make sure my Sunday mornings are free to get my ass kicked. I would be sore for a good 2-3 days after class almost every week. I was determined to keep going even after all the pain since yoga is the only form of exercise where my body and mind are both being challenged. Rozel kept insisting on breath work, which is the key I needed to calm myself before presenting or even interviewing. Here are other reasons why you should also embark on the YTT journey:

1) Deeping your practice

Fast-forward to the beginning to the beginning of 2017 and the start date for the YTT was approaching. I felt after a year of going to class, it was time to deepen my practice since I plateaued and was not getting the same kind of practice when I first started. I know once I join, I will be able to understand the details that go into each position and learn what yoga really represents.

2) Improve various aspects of your life

By only practicing Ashtanga on Sundays, I already felt a huge improvement in my life and how I treat others and myself. For example, driving in traffic does not aggravate me as much now as it did a year ago. Just imagine how empowered you will feel at the end of the course.

3) The YTT at Energie EnCorps is year long journey

Most programs at other studios are an intensive 30-day course. To get the true benefit of this self-discovery and self-improvement journey, it is best to break it up throughout the year. Let’s be realistic, do you know anyone who has completely changed their lives in just 30 days? Yoga is all about practice and improving your body and mind. There are so many other things going on in our lives that we cannot put on hold for 30 days either. It is much more realistic to take the time to go on this journey throughout the year.

4) Invest in yourself

There aren’t many things in life you can purchase and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. With all the various things going on in our lives, it is easy to forget to take the time to yourself. YTT will allow you to take the time to learn more about who you are and to become a better version of yourself.

YTT 2017 Energie EnCorps

5) Building lifelong relationships

I’m sure you have heard that we tend to attract like-minded people. The different people you will meet at the YTT are also cognoscente they are on this journey to better their lives and we are all in this together. We are there to help each other improve on we feel about ourselves and learn together. Just watching yourself and others grow is a great bonding experience.

6) Give back

Getting your certificate to teach yoga is an obvious goal people have for the course. But it is more than just that. Giving back to someone who needs help makes us all feel better and connects us together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical objects. Sharing your knowledge with people is just as good. Even if you are not in a teaching position in your life, true leaders are also teachers.

Check back every month to read what I have learned on my YTT journey.

Learn more about the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program at Energie Encorps West Island here: http://www.energieencorps.com/teacher-trainings/

Written by Julie Kelechian, Energie Encorps yoga teacher trainee

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