The excitement inside me has been literally shining out of my face over the past few days.¬† ¬†If you know me at all, you would know that this is so true.¬† For the past two days, I have been dancing with joy as I continue to hear the good news of the different souls who are committing to our 2018 Yoga Teacher Training.¬† Our new tribe is coming together… and it’s brilliant! Over the past 3 years, Energie EnCorps has trained over 35 students via our Ashtanga Teacher Training program.¬†… Read More

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I suffered from lower back pain for many years, and as an osteopath I was well surrounded to be able to access quality treatments. Nevertheless, my pain always came back because I came to realize I was missing core strength and thoracic mobility. After 6 months of dedicated yoga and gymnastics training, my back pain became a story of the past. The reality is that we are all different, and there isn‚Äôt one answer for everyone, but I believe that symptoms arise from a combination of factors and that the… Read More

With our four year anniversary quickly approaching, we would like to take the time to acknowledge the accomplishments we have made while giving thanks to all those that have contributed along the way. Energie EnCorps Top 10 are students that have proven to reflect a positive commitment to the studio as well as the values and motives that we stand behind. Silma What keeps me coming back to Energie EnCorps is the warm and welcoming ambience of the studio, and my wonderful instructors. It‚Äôs the sense of comfort that Rozel… Read More

  Here are some great tips about the taboo topic of UTI’s from our Energie EnCorps osteopath St√©phane Baudin! I often treat women that suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections, and even though it is considered normal in the medical system to have up to 3 infections a year, a lot of women never suffer from this ailment. On top of that, having to take antibiotics every time is also a downside. Women never get treated in Osteopathy specifically for this particular reason, probably because very few know that sometimes… Read More

The first snow storm of the season made me think of how important it is to shovel snow safely this winter! ¬†To help you avoid injury I decided to write this article‚Ķ. Did you know that more than 11 000 people are treated each year from snow shoveling incidents in the US alone? But the good news is that most of these incident can easily be avoided, this is how‚Ķ I often see patients with lower back injuries in winter, ¬†so you won‚Äôt be surprised that most emergency diagnosis after… Read More

Be Bold.¬† Be Brave.¬† Be Beautiful.¬† How do you feel when you hear these words?¬† Some people think… Hell yeah!¬† Damn right… Other’s may cower at this statement thinking something like… Hmmmm.¬† Not quite there yet.¬† Oh please…¬† Let me just hide in this crowd. To Be Bold, Brave and Beautiful, is a practice.¬† It takes being and feeling¬†good in your own skin.¬† Bold enough to be try something new and to believe in yourself enough, to let your beauty shine out…¬† It’s not easy.¬† It’s flipping scary.¬† But if… Read More

This morning as I backed out of my driveway, I hit the car that was parked right behind me.¬† No big damage.¬† But, it was the third time that I hit a car parked there in the past 6 months.¬† Sure, it’s not a smart place to park!¬† But, hello… I should be going slower.¬† And of course, I should be paying more attention to what the heck I am doing.¬† While I actually¬†LOOK¬† into the rearview mirror, I¬†do not¬†actually SEE anything. I see it all the time in class.¬†… Read More

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I am writing this blog as therapy, to organize my thoughts and to calm my nerves. You see, in two days I am giving a talk to a group of entrepreneurs about moving out of your comfort zone. In this talk, I will be sharing my personal experiences of hardship and of facing anxieties in my family life and in business, with the hopes of inspiring others to learn how to deal with FEAR… through the practice of YOGA. Over the past few months, I have been given these amazing… Read More

In my sixth Energie EnCorps Ashtanga 200hr yoga teacher training weekend, we finished going over all of the postures in the primary series. I feel comfortable with the postures and know what comes next since I practice mysore regularly and do weekly led ashtanga classes. Still, I have a long way to go to perfect each posture in the series but I am patient with myself to know that with enough practice, I will get there. Some postures might even take years for me to be comfortable to perform its… Read More

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I can’t believe our fifth yoga teacher training is completed! It is going by so fast but I already feel like I have learned so much and have come out of my comfort zone. Every year, Rozel Gonales, the owner of Energie Encorps, organizes a yoga class to raise money for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. I had the opportunity to teach the sun salutation part of the class. The only other time I taught in front of people was in a small class of five people. This… Read More