Les  troubles de la digestion peuvent parfois ĂȘtre trĂšs incommodants ! Il existe plusieurs façons pour soigner ces troubles de la digestion : un traitement mĂ©dical, des modifications des habitudes de vie, mais aussi l’ostĂ©opathie. En effet, l’ostĂ©opathie peut ĂȘtre une bonne solution pour apporter un soulagement Ă  vos diffĂ©rents maux. Les ballonnements, crampes intestinales, constipation, diarrhĂ©e et trouble de reflux gastrique sont des symptĂŽmes digestifs trĂšs rĂ©pandus. Ils gĂ©nĂšrent des douleurs, un inconfort, voire une gĂȘne dans la vie personnelle et sociale. Ces symptĂŽmes peuvent provenir d’une sensibilitĂ© exacerbĂ©e… Read More

Holidays are a time of togetherness and celebration, and let’s face it: food (and drink!) is a major part of the season. With cookies, cakes, and eggnog surrounding us at countless parties and at the workplace, it can certainly feel like a challenging time to stay on the right nutritional track. Do not despair! Where many people run into trouble, is when they allow a few episodes of over-indulgence slide into a slippery slope. Some adopt the attitude that since they have already “ruined” their diet, they may as well… Read More

We have all heard that yoga aids in flexibility, strength, balance and agility.  But did you know that the most profound benefits of yoga are only discovered as we learn to release tensions with our breath?  Tension can manifest in the form of physical pain, stiffness, stress, migraines and anxiety. Through yoga these blockages are diminished and a better state of balance in mind and body can be achieved. Yoga helps us to grow stronger physically, but also mentally.  Through a physical practice we learn to be intentional, focused, patient… Read More