Not too long ago, our lives dramatically changed. Some of us had to stop working while others had no choice but to continue working. Most of us now are back to our routines, as we navigate this new normal. As a touch therapist, it has been quite challenging to alter the way I interact with my clients. Creating an intimate and therapeutic space, while practicing responsible distancing, has its limitations. There are some clients who have been waiting patiently to get back on the table, while others hesitant to relax into the experience. All I… Read More

                                                                          What are chakras?  So we talked a little bit about chakras in our reiki article.  Our Reiki Practitioner, Nicole Fortunaso works with them to help you feel relaxed – so what are they?  Chakras are known to exist in esoteric practices and where first documented thousands of years ago by several different cultures. … Read More

You may have heard about Reiki is a new service at our West Island health and wellness center, Energie EnCorps.  Well, Nicole Fortunaso our resident reiki practitioner is here to tell you a little about reiki and why you would want to see a reiki practitioner so you can add a little bit of gentle and calm reiki energy into your life. What is Reiki? Reiki is a relaxation technique, you can think of it as a meditation on steroids!  Reiki creates a space for you to feel calm and… Read More

Osteopathy is still somewhat of a mystery for many people.  This being said, this is exactly why at Energie EnCorps we offer all of our clients one free consultation with one of our osteopaths. We want you to get to know our staff, understand how we can help you and build a trusting relationship with you. For those who are new to osteopathy, here is a brief description: Osteopathy, also known as the osteopathic approach is a manual therapy discipline. Its main goal is to help restore the human body’s… Read More

In my practice (as an Osteopath) I often hear people saying they have pain because they are getting old. I believe that they are partly wrong for two reasons: Firstly, because their pain generally goes away completely or at least for a while after we see each other, (and to my knowledge I haven’t developed the skill to make people younger… yet 🙂 Secondly, because they are thousands of examples of people that have no pain and that are the same age or older than people feeling pain. But I… Read More

✨HOLIDAY PROMO valid till January 15. THIS IS YOUR YEAR! Let’s do this together! An opportunity to join our amazing classes and be part of a warm welcoming community! Take advantage of this limited time offer! ❤️ ➡️Purchase 10 class pack for 120$ here: ➡️Purchase 2 months unlimited for 180$ here: * Terms & Conditions: Class packs must be used within 3 months of activation.   Energie EnCorps est le sanctuaire de la santé et du bien-être de l’ouest de l’île de Montréal, offrant des services de de yoga, de conditionnement… Read More

⭐️REGISTRATION FOR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING 2020-2021 NOW OPEN ⭐️ Are you at the point in your practice where you would really like to learn more? Are you interested in deepening your practice? The Yoga Teacher Training program at Energie EnCorps is for the yoga practitioner who is interested either in personal development. Energie EnCorps has trained close to 100 yoga teachers since 2014 from all different walks of life and levels. Learn more about our programs by signing up for our next FREE INFO-SESSION! Feel free to reach out to… Read More

karma yoga

What is KARMA YOGA? The Karma Yoga class at Energie EnCorps is a $5 donation based class to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada! ❤ Taught by our second year Yoga Teachers in Training (mentors). All levels welcome. Here are the top 5 reasons why Karma Yoga is awesome! 1️⃣ Supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada 2️⃣ Makes yoga more affordable and accessible to all 3️⃣ Gives the new yoga teachers an opportunity to practice and improve 4️⃣ A fun way to kick off your weekend 5️⃣ Helps to build our amazing community We can’t… Read More

In celebration of Canada Day, we were honoured to have partnered with the city of Montreal to perform an hour long Zumba event with our clients from Énergie EnCorps on stage! Most of our regular Zumba clients came to join us in Pierrefonds-Roxboro to dance with us on stage and encourage the people in the crowd to follow the routine! It was wonderful to see our clients demonstrate their passion to Zumba classes and share their passion for health and wellness! We want to take the time to thank everyone who… Read More

It was a magical event. A celebration of the start of summer and the International Day of Yoga. It was our first time to collaborate with the City of Montreal and we are so happy that we did. What a wonderful experience for everyone. Thanks to all who attended and for sharing in this day with us. Thank you to all our staff, teachers and mentors for helping to make this day a huge success. Thanks to our official sponsors: SellOff Vacations, West Island Therapy Centre and Tux Productions. Thanks… Read More