Levelling up… massage and the power of touch

For the past month, I have had the pleasure of spending two afternoons a week learning something new with people whom I truly enjoy spending time with.  I am a huge advocate of personal growth and challenging myself to try new things.  This summer, I am enrolled at École Massothérapie Adam where I am taking a 400hr course to become a certified massage therapist.  The best part about it?  I am taking it with two other Energie EnCorps Teachers, Isabelle Houle and Alison Hewitt.  Together we are all kind of “leveling up” and learning more about the power of touch.

Why am I doing this personally?  For those of you who have taken my classes or those of teachers I have trained through our 200h Yoga Teacher Training, you know that we are big on hands-on adjustments.   At Energie EnCorps we want our teachers to be present with the student, to get to know their bodies and to help them to bring awareness to the areas of tension or blockage.  We want our students to know that we are there and that we honestly care.

Touch is an excellent way to communicate where the breath needs to be directed, which is 90% of the practice.  For the past two years, I have been studying with Manju Jois, son of Ashtanga guru Sri Pattabhi Jois.  His invaluable teachings have opened me up to bringing therapeutic touch to my Ashtanga teaching, which has opened up a whole new world, thus my interest in massage therapy.

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So far the massage therapy course has been an amazing experience. Our teachers Glen Scullion and Adam Paz have been awesome.  They are so kind and they are really passionate about what they do.  I have discovered that massage therapy is just as therapeutic and beneficial for the practitioner as it is for the recipient.  It can be very much like a meditation  in movement itself.  Massaging with your eyes closed enables you to be very present and to really be attentive to where the energy is not flowing in someone’s body.  Automatically, I begin to breathe deeply, just like in a yoga class.

Much like teaching a yoga class, the therapist must be able to create an environment that feels safe and calm.   With over 18 years of experience teaching yoga, my hands are already very adept at feeling the “jammed” up areas of my students’ bodies.  Right now, I know how to help open and release through yoga and breath.  Adding the knowledge of massage, it will simply be another method to go a step further.  I look forward to delving deeper into this area of study, understanding where the trigger points are and the techniques to treat someone therapeutically, always keeping in mind how my yoga practice and teachings can be complimented.

The combination of being a yoga teacher and knowing message so far has been a great experience.  I look forward to learning more to benefit my students and to pass on this knowledge to my teachers and to those in my 200h Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training.  I am so happy to love what I do every day.

owner Energie EnCorps yoga teacher trainer fitness west island teacher training entrepreneurRozel Gonzales is a passionate yoga and fitness teacher, speaker and entrepreneur, dedicated to helping people SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Each day she advocates living in the present moment and taking the philosophy of yoga OFF THE MAT.  A mother of 3 young boys,  Her eldest son Luka, now 11 years old, is a cancer survivor who has been in remission for 6 years.  The West Island Energie EnCorps Wellness Centre is an expression of gratitude for her son’s remission and a platform to promote balanced and healthy living.  To sign up for classes, book a massage, osteopathy or nutrition appointment, please visit our site:  www.energieencorps.com


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