☀️ ALL NEW! Energie EnCorps Summer Day Camp

We’re trying something new at Energie EnCorps this summer!

A 2-week long day camp that encompasses all things health and wellness and promotes the culture behind Energie EnCorps. The day camp, suitable for children between the ages of 8-12, will take part in exciting daily activities such as Zumba, yoga, arts and crafts, swimming, and much more. A day camp unique in its nature as it focuses on teaching children the importance of incorporating good nutrition, sustainability efforts, and mindfulness into their lives. All outdoor activities including swimming will take place at the Ecclestone Park and Pool, a 3-minute walk from Energie EnCorps.

The camp will be guided by Emilie Gagnon, (seen above) a special educator and art teacher who has worked with young children and youth in public schools, private schools, and community settings, for the past 7 years.

Week 1 Theme: GO GREEN
Activities that educate kids on ways they can incorporate sustainable practices into their daily life.
Kids will be encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle
Create art from recycled materials, learn about the zero-waste movement, learn about nutritious balanced foods
Includes a day trip to Parc Nature Cap Saint-Jacques to enjoy a picnic while exploring the farm and hiking trails. Kids will learn about organic farming, have a wilderness adventure and learn about animal care.

This week will focus on encouraging kids to be artistic and creative
Children will be encouraged to use their imagination through games of dance, song and play
Make Tie-Dye t-shirts, create your own dance and yoga routines, make a mandala out of objects in nature
Includes a day trip to the TransformArt studio in Beaconsfield with artist Arantza Izurrategui

We are so excited to be putting together this unique day camp available to children of the West Island and look forward to making new exciting memories this summer!

  • Week 1 – August 13-17
  • Week 2 – August 20-24
Price: $250 (1 week) or $475 (2 weeks)
Check out what Emilie had to say about the EE Summer Camp!

20117085_1488324734558592_5021236112190468706_o (1)In a little less than 2 months from now, it will be mid August; the sun will be warm, pools will be busy, and Energie Encorps’ studios will be filled with life, as it will mark the beginning of our summer camp. The Energie EnCorps staff and myself are very excited to open our doors to the young minds and bodies of the West Island in order to create a very unique and fruitful platform for learning. At Energie Encorps we often promote the teachings and philosophies of yoga beyond the mat; these beliefs will be encompassed within the activities offered during our EE Summer Camp, helping your kids to develop mindfulness and self esteem.

As an educator, and as an Energie EnCorps employee, I have learned a lot over the years and have participated in many different academic talks and seminars around self regulation; something that adults have definitely not mastered yet, and something that is even harder for children to do. Self regulation involves the management of our thoughts and feelings, the management of our actions and interactions, and the management of our concept of self and creativity. How can we teach such complex concepts to children? First, we have to get their minds ready for learning; this means, letting all that energie out! As a fitness and wellness center, we believe that keeping the body active will contribute to a healthier mind, and a healthier heart. As a Concordia University Child Studies graduate, I can assure you that this is especially true for children. During our summer camp, we will be engaging in lots of fun physical activities to get your kids moving, such as zumba, yoga, swimming, sports, and other fun outdoor activities.

Only once the students have released all their excess energy can we calm the mind, tame the monkey, and engage in mindfulness. At the Energie EnCorps Summer Camp, a platform will be created, a safe and honest space where students can engage in; discussions about personal struggles, team building activities, cooperative community learning activities, creative exploration, environmental awareness activities, and even meditational activities. This is a very exciting part of the program for me, for we will have guest speakers, workshop activities, and field trips, all of which providing the children with an opportunity to learn and grow. Teaching, when done well, creates positive emotional memories. I look forward to the beginning of this year’s summer camp, to meeting this years’ campers, and creating wonderful memories, surrounded by mentors and peers alike. Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Emilie Gagnon

Child Studies Eductor + Zumba and Kids Yoga Teacher

For more information about the camp or to sign up click here!



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