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The excitement inside me has been literally shining out of my face over the past few days.   If you know me at all, you would know that this is so true.  For the past two days, I have been dancing with joy as I continue to hear the good news of the different souls who are committing to our 2018 Yoga Teacher Training.  Our new tribe is coming together… and it’s brilliant!

Over the past 3 years, Energie EnCorps has trained over 35 students via our Ashtanga Teacher Training program.  Every year, a new sort of magic is created.  Every year there is a different dynamic of the different personalities and backgrounds that come together for one purpose.  Their LOVE of YOGA.  It’s so exciting and so amazing.

To date, 17 beautiful women are coming together.  The backgrounds are excitingly diverse in terms of ages and lifestyle.  A doctor, a children’s educator, a nutritionist,  a physiotherapist, a Ph.D. student in neuro-psychology, a speech therapist, and a medical technician…  just to name a few.  In terms of practices, this too is vast.  Advanced practitioners who are truly interested in teaching classes to women interested more in taking the time for themselves, connecting with others and practicing what they love to do.

Your vibe attracts your tribe…  

I am a firm believer that your beliefs become your reality.  What you want will manifest, as long as each day you do something small to nurture this thought.  See it, smell it, taste it, journal it, draw it, question it, talk about it, brainstorm with others … MANIFEST IT.

Through this YTT, together we will build confidence in our bodies and minds, helping us to feel more grounded and strong, enabling us to one-day uplift others around us… to become a “teacher” but not necessarily in front of a classroom.  Lead by example.  This is the philosophy that we would like to impart with our students.


300h Advanced Yoga Mentorship   

This year we have something new to offer.  After three years of teaching the 200h YTT program, it was clear that a gap existed.  Students wanted to absorb more and go much further into yoga journey.  Given this, a new program, the 300h  Advanced Yoga Mentorship YTT was created.  Designed for graduates of the 200h program, the curriculum would focus on refining teaching skills, diving deeper and working on specific paths defined by the students themselves.   We are excited to have 5 students enrolled in this new program this year.   Together we will continue to grow.

Are you interested in our traditional Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training at Energie EnCorps?  Did you know that our YTT is a Yoga Alliance recognized teacher training?  For our upcoming April 2018 session:

Rozel Gonzales best yoga teacher west island best montrealRozel Gonzales is the owner of the Energie EnCorps Wellness Centre located in the West Island of Montreal.  A passionate yoga teacher, speaker, entrepreneur and mother of three, dedicated to helping people SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  Following her son’s battle with cancer in 2010, Rozel left a successful corporate career to follow her dream and open Energie EnCorps in 2014. The center is an expression of gratitude for her son’s remission and a platform to promote balanced and healthy living in body and mind. Rozel pours her heart and soul into uplifting others, teaching others to live in the present moment and to take the philosophy of yoga OFF THE MAT and into the world.  Rozel is the principal teacher of the Energie EnCorps 200h Ashtanga Yoga YTT and 300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Mentorship programs.  Feel free to reach out by email to for any questions.

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