Is ‘Getting Old’ a thing? | Ask Stéphane, Osteopath.

In my practice (as an Osteopath) I often hear people saying they have pain because they are getting old.

I believe that they are partly wrong for two reasons:

  • Firstly, because their pain generally goes away completely or at least for a while after we see each other, (and to my knowledge I haven’t developed the skill to make people younger… yet 🙂
  • Secondly, because they are thousands of examples of people that have no pain and that are the same age or older than people feeling pain.

But I agree that there seems to be a direct correlation between time advancing and recurrence of pain in people, we just need to understand why.

Besides the fact that we heal slower when older, what is the difference between the younger you and the older you? I’d say the answer is: life, and that means something different for each and every one. But to me, life occurrences all lead to the same state as we age: Less strength, less mobility, less flexibility, less balance, which are all things that we take for granted when we’re young. 

Why do osteopaths help so many people suffering from “pains of age”? because one of our specialty is finding and restoring the most subtle areas lacking mobility. Immobility can come from asymmetrical prolonged positions, inflammation, traumas, sickness, scar tissue and more… Immobility also happens to be the most difficult of the four aspects previously mentioned to take care of by yourself, especially when it is subtle or deep.

Even though an osteopath can help with the other three aspects, strength, mobility, and balance require personal practice and constant work. I personally choose to use yoga because it works on all three at the same time and specific gymnastic exercises for strengthening my weak areas.

Aging, to me, is like living in a country with seasonal changes… as the seasons change your activities also change. When we are young, we focus on being strong and explosive, on “looking in shape”, on performance. But as time passes focus could shift towards maintaining what made you feel young in the first place: strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance.

I love consulting with people searching for solutions, I’d be glad to help. If you haven’t had your free 30-minute consult with me call the front desk…

Stéphane Baudin, D.O

P.S: I am not suggesting that the only thing that an osteopath does in his practice is work on mobility (even though it can represent a big part of the osteopathic visit), but for the interest of this particular subject, this is how an osteopath might help you.

Stéphane Baudin, D.O.  graduated from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal and has his Master in Osteopathy. He is trained in traditional osteopathy, of which he fully embraces the holistic philosophy, and continuously participates in various osteopathic seminars for the well-being of his patients. Trained to treat adults and children, he enjoys yoga, gymnastics, meditation, reading and the great outdoors.

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