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Contrary to popular belief the Mysore Yoga classes are not exclusively for double-jointed, contortionist yogis that know the Ashtanga Primary Series by heart.  And guess what… mysore classes are not designed to make you sore.  

Phew, now that I got that off my plate… Allow me to demystify the mystery of Mysore and explain to you why you should give it a try.

Mysore West Island Montreal

  Example of Ashtanga Cheat Sheet

Mysore yoga is a class taught in the traditional teaching style of Ashtanga yoga.  Rather than a led class with the teacher cueing the poses at the front of the class, each student works individually on the series at their own pace.  New students are provided with a “cheat sheet” that shows all the postures of the Ashtanga primary series.  If you are new, you will be shown small portions of the series at a time which you will be asked to practice on your own.  The goal is to teach you to develop your own personal practice.  Surprisingly, even students who have been practicing yoga for many years do not always know what to do without the guidance of a teacher.  Once the series is learned, whether you are practicing on your own or following a led class, the focus will no longer be on listening to the teacher, but being able to go more inwards, to focus on the breath and to transform your practice into a meditation of movement.

The term Mysore, comes from southern Indian city of Mysore where teachers Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and T. Krishnamcharya taught Ashtanga yoga.  In a traditional Mysore class, the “shala” or the school, is open for a certain block of time, typically early morning.  Students are welcome to walk-in at any time and practice at their own pace.  The teacher is there to provide adjustments, assists, explanations, and encouragement.  Students may modify the practice, skipping poses that they are not ready to do yet, or perhaps repeating postures that they would really like to focus more on.  Perhaps you are working on that headstand and you want to go against the wall.  Yes, you can.  Perhaps you want your teacher to watch you and help you figure out why you are having so much trouble with a certain movement.  You can do this in Mysore.  Maybe today, you are not feeling so great and you want to just come in for 30 min or you want to spend extra time in savasana.  Guess what… you can.  It is a very personal experience.

Students may begin their practice at different times, but once during the practice, the teacher will summon the students to chant the traditional opening invocation.  This chant is a way to unite all energies and to show gratitude for the teachers of the tradition.   Final relaxation or savasana can be done whenever the student is ready. See below a video of a Mysore class in action. All different levels beginner to advanced, all practicing together.

Learning the Ashtanga practice is a beautiful tradition.  Did you know that if you know this practice you can attend Ashtanga classes anywhere in the world and practice with fellow “ashtangis”?   One thing that is very important to understand is that the practice of Ashtanga does NOT mean that you have to be able to do all the poses in the routine.  It means that you believe in a yoga practice that will help to cleanse your body, mind and soul.

Our Mysore classes at Energie EnCorps are beginning to grow and we are so happy to see newbies taking the plunge into the unknown.  Open your heart and mind to trying something new.   Remember, all poses can be modified to suit your capabilities.  We are there to teach you and help you.

Mysore classes are offered on Tuesdays at 5:15 pm and for early risers on Friday mornings at 7:30 am.  What is new as of this month is that our advanced students enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)  Mentorship program will be helping to teach the classes on Tuesdays.  Our mentorship students have already completed 200h of yoga teacher training and are now honing their teaching skills.   Attending Mysore is as much for you as it is for our mentor students who need you to learn… so let’s help one another!

We really hope to see you in Mysore soon!  At Energie EnCorps we work very hard to develop the highest quality of instruction through our YTT and Mentorship programs.  We strive to teach from the heart, the true essence of yoga, which is much more than just the physical yoga poses… Experience the personalized attention that you will only get from traditional yoga teaching methods at Energie EnCorps.  To register:

Rozel Gonzales Energie EnCorps Owner Best Yoga West Island Montreal Best Yoga teacher trainingRozel Gonzales is the owner of the Energie EnCorps Wellness centre in the West Island of Montreal. She is a passionate yoga and fitness teacher, speaker and entrepreneur, dedicated to helping people SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Each day she advocates living in the present moment and taking the philosophy of yoga OFF THE MAT. A mother of 3 young boys, Rozel is proud to be the lead instructor for the 200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at her centre, continuously developing talented teachers who are passionate about what they do and are able to spread the passion for yoga to other.  To sign up for classes, book a massage, osteopathy or nutrition appointment or for more info on our workshops or teacher trainings, please visit our site: HELPING YOU SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

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