Daycare + Schools

Energie Encorps is dedicated to bring our wellness and fitness services to people of all ages. In our Daycare and Schools services kids can enjoy a fun-filled session of bopping, hopping, shakin’ and shimmin’! Laughter, smiles and games… Fitness hidden under all the fun! A mix of playful Zumba, hip hop and silly games to keep the little ones feeling energized and active! A wonderful opportunity for expression and building of self-confidence through movement.

We also offer kids Yoga classes, dynamic class introducing children to yoga through games, flows and partner poses, encouraging their creativity and their interpersonal relationships. We also work on concentration and the mind-body connection through breathing and relaxation exercises. A fun and stimulating experience for the tween body, mind & soul!


These classes help develop a healthy lifestyle and aids in incorporate fitness as a natural and fun part of children’s lives! School and daycare services are kid-friendly and every session can be tailored to the individual school or daycare needs and wants.

For more information call us at (514) 505-9642