Daycare and School Wellness Program


Energie EnCorps is dedicated to bringing their wellness and fitness services to people of all ages.  Our Daycare and Schools programs encourage children to exercise, feel energized and stay active!  Through yoga, dance and play, we offer a wonderful opportunity for kids to become stronger in their bodies and their minds.  

Consider working with our daycare and school specialist to develop a wellness program for your educational establishment that fits your needs and your budget.

What’s Included in Our Package:

  • A certified instructor with experience and knowledge in childhood education
  • Certified and insured instructors to provide safety variations for all level
  • Guaranteed availability of instructors.
  • On-going feedback collection from clients in order to tailor our class to the needs of your clientele.
  • On-site evaluation of the environment used for our services.
  • We provide the logistics necessary for the services provided (ie; music, props, etc…)
  • We take care of all correspondence and coordination with your clients.


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YOGA is an effective practice for children because it soothes their mind which in turn soothes the body’s stress response. Research is showing that the practice yoga and mindfulness in schools and daycares has positive effects on the children, such as:

  • increased flexibility and strength
  • increased coordination
  • improved attention and focus
  • a more relaxed environment
  • increased confidence

It is thought that through breathing and looking ‚Äėinwards‚Äô rather than to the busy outside world, yoga helps children deal better with the stresses they face in everyday life.



In this course, we give free rein to our imagination by mixing creativity with movement and love with compassion. A playful yoga session of encouragement and opening of the body through movement and mindfulness education.



A dynamic class introducing children to yoga through game, flows, and partner poses, encouraging their creativity and their interpersonal relationships. We also work on concentration and the mind-body connection through breathing and relaxation exercises. A fun and stimulating experience for the tween body, mind & soul!


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Our ZUMBA and CREATIVE MOVEMENT classes offer kids the chance to enjoy a fun-filled session of high energy laughter, smiles, and games… Fitness, hidden under all the fun!  A wonderful opportunity for expression and building of self-confidence through movement.



Give your children the opportunity to laugh, play and dance!  Zumba Kids is a mixture of playful Zumba Fitness and hip hop dance that will keep the children energized and active all while having lots of fun!  Kids learn about music, rhythm while strengthening their bodies!  Courses adapted to suit each age group.



Creative Movement integrates yoga poses into dance and games,  allowing children to express themselves. This class encourages individuality and positive self-image in children.  Ideal for younger children in the daycare setting.





We also provide training for your staff to allow them to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into the classroom, providing them with excellent tools to deal with childhood restlessness, lack of concentration and anxiety, in a fun and positive way!  Consider us for your next team building activity.  A fun, educational activity for all!


Energie EnCorps ensures the highest level of instruction and professionalism.  We look forward to working with you to build a program that best suits your needs.  We will be more than happy to organize a FREE demonstration course with you to give you the chance to see who we are!

Here is a list of some of the clients we have already worked with:

  • Garderie Educaction, Pierrefonds
  • Garderie Santa Casa, Lachine
  • Kiddy Kat Daycare, Roxboro
  • √Čcole St. R√©mi, Beaconsfield

For more information on our school programs, send us an email at info@energieencorps.com or call us at (514) 505-9642.

We look forward to meeting you!