Ashtanga yoga is a traditional style of yoga that is very athletic and invigorating that focuses on timing breathe with movement. In this practice students follow a set series of postures. The goal is to learn the series well so that eventually the focus moves away from the physical poses and moves more inside. It is a style of yoga that is recommended for intermediate or advanced students.

In addition to EnergieFLO and Ashtanga classes we also offer Foundation Yoga classes which focuses on the basics of yoga where we take the time to teach technique and alignment, we also offer YIN (restorative) style classes enabling you to take the time to breathe deeply, take your time and allow yourself to let go and open up.

At Energie EnCorps the goal is to maintain a strong connection between breathe and body, therefore quieting the fluctuations of the mind, improving clarity and thus resulting in a state calmness…

While the effects of the practice are improved strength, flexibility, and balance… the true gifts of the practice are what we can take with us beyond the mat… patience, mental strength, determination and focus.

All teachers at Energie EnCorps are passionate about teaching and helping others. Our staff truly cares and they are here to provide you with personal attention to make sure that you are practicing properly and in a safe way. They are all committed to deepening their practices as perpetual students and in sharing their love of yoga with you.

No matter if you are just starting out or are a seasoned yogi… we have a yoga class here for you at Energie EnCorps! Please come try out a class in our friendly and welcoming studio. We are here to help you shine from the inside out!