Meet with our registered dietitian, Robin Glance that doesn’t believe in diets. She will discuss¬†healthy eating habits, easy diet modifications, and a ‚Äúbalanced nutrition‚ÄĚ. Learn how to identify food groups and the micro and macro nutrients that fuel your engine and drive your body to work optimally. Find out what you should know about food labels, how to eat for disease prevention and how to eat to cure existing conditions and ailments. Get menu guides and customized meal plans and have follow-up weigh-ins and weight management meetings to stay on track with your health improvement goals. We understand the challenges of eating right and we are here to guide you and support you, whether for losing weight, building strength or just living well.

At Energie EnCorps West Island, our nutritionist works in collaboration with a professional team of yoga and fitness instructors, massage therapists and osteopaths, to help you be the best you can be, inside and out.¬†She believes that true health begins with real food and that enjoying what we eat is just as important as having the right balance on our plate. She works with her clients to develop happy relationships with food and teaches permanent lifestyle changes that fit their tastes and realities. Robin works with clients of all ages in areas including weight loss/ gain, management, and prevention of chronic disease, digestive complaints and enhancement of sports performance. Prior to joining the Energie Encorps team, Robin developed a string clinical background working at the Montreal General Hospital for over seven years. Robin has appeared on Global Morning News, Breakfast Television, CBC Living and CJAD as a nutritional expert.”



Areas of Expertise

  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Healthy menu planning
  • Food labels and nutritional values
  • Disease prevention and management

To learn about our nutritionist at √Čnergie EnCorps visit our¬†team page!

√Čnergie EnCorps West Island Nutrition

Cancellation policy:  If you must cancel, please cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, otherwise the full price of your treatment will be applied.


Nutrition Consultation 60m 110.00
Nutrition Follow Up Package (3 sessions)300.00
Nutrition Follow Up Package (6 sessions )570.00
Nutrition Couple Consultation 90m175.00