Top 10 Massage Tips from a Massage Therapist

Hello lovely people. My name is Amy!  After working as a Massage Therapist, in the health and wellness industry, for over 18 years I have some advice that I could offer you to make your  experience as awesome as it can be.  I am the newest massage therapist at Energie EnCorps and I wanted to share this with you!

➡️ Try to be there 15 minutes before to ensure you get the full amount of time you booked. If not, the therapist may need to cut your time because they may have a client right after or lunch scheduled and that may be the only time they have to eat.

➡️ Refrain from wearing lots of jewelry.  Having to wait for someone to take off multiple necklaces that are tangled or bracelets during a massage will cut into your relaxation time.

➡️Respect a no perfume policy. You may love your scent but the therapist may not. The therapist may be allergic and the room will linger with that scent for the next client, as well.

➡️Take a shower before your treatment. There is nothing more uncomfortable that rubbing massage oil on a sweaty body. The combination and smells will not be conducive to a relaxing massage.

➡️Stay home if you are sick. Getting a massage is not good for you while you are sick. It is also not respectful to the therapist that might pick up on your germs and have to take time off because they get sick.

➡️Please be honest about any illnesses you may have. We are trained to avoid certain areas and we want to ensure that you will not have a bad reactions. Massage can be dangerous for specific conditions and withholding this information can be detrimental to your health.

➡️Know what type of massage you booked and ask questions if you need any clarity.   If you booked a Swedish Relaxation Massage do not expect a Deep Tissue Massage.  It is ok to provide feedback and ask for a bit more or less pressure, however please do not expect a deep tissue massage if you booked a Swedish.   There is usually a price difference between the different types of massage, so asking for us to just go deeper in the middle of the massage is a little bit awkward for the therapist.

➡️Do not ask us to put the insurance receipt under someone else’s name. This is insurance fraud.  Also, do not ask to receive an insurance receipt if you are redeeming a gift certificate. That is re-gifting and is not an accepted practice by massage associations.

➡️Tip your massage therapist. They work hard. This is a service so if you tip your hairdresser and esthetician, then you should consider to tip your therapist.  They will appreciate it.

➡️Be kind and respectful.

I sincerely hope this gives a little insight and makes your next spa experience a pleasurable one!


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About Amy Visiliou

Amy Vasiliou is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with 18 years of experience and a member of the AMPQ since 2000. Amy received her Neuromuscular Massage Therapy training at the Natural Health Consultant Institute. She has had diverse experience working within various branches of the health and wellness industry. Amy is a firm believer in the holistic approach to healing. That by treating the “whole” body and understanding that everything is connected, true progress can begin. In this way, the client gains a deeper sense of their own relationship with their body. ➡️To book a massage with Amy, click here:  ?Or call  Energie EnCorps  at 514-505-9642.

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