Nutrition Nuts + Bolts

Healthy eating should never involve restriction or deprivation. This is why diets do not work! True health means finding the right balance between giving your body the right amount of nutrients it needs and loving what we eat.


Nutrition Nuts + Bolts is designed for anyone looking to lose weight, better their eating habits, improve their relationship with food, or who simply wants to have a better understanding of how food and nutrition affect them. This 6-week course will empower you with accurate, up-to-date nutritional advice, and will provide you with the support and motivation needed to make healthy eating and living a permanent part of your life.


Weekly Topics:

  • Week 1 - Back to the Basics: Nutrition made easy
  • Week 2 - Ditch the Diet
  • Week 3 - The truth about Carbs
  • Week 4 - Mastering Meal Planning
  • Week 5 - The importance of hydration
  • Week 6 - Supermarket Smarts: Decoding the Nutrition Label


What can you expect to take away from Nutrition Nuts + Bolts?

  • Breaking it down to the basics of nutrition and healthy eating
  • Set the records straight on carbs, fat, protein and how they impact your overall health and wellness
  • Debunking the media myths and marketing confusion around what is actually healthy
  • Showing you how to make healthy “swapportunities” to maximize your nutrient intake on a daily basis
  • Learn how to calculate your individual calorie needs
  • Establish structure in your daily eating habits to eat well-balanced meals and snacks, incorporating all macronutrients
  • Learn how to read the food label and understand how it impacts your personal health choices
  • Learn about how important hydration is, and what role it plays in the body
  • Evaluate your current health and wellness lifestyle
  • Identify areas where you are successful and areas in which you hope to make improvements
  • Develop a plan to incorporate small changes for a big impact on your lifestyle


About Robin:
Robin Glance is a McGill graduate of Dietetics and Human Nutrition and has been practicing at the MUHC for over seven years. Her specialties include weight loss, management and prevention of chronic disease and gastrointestinal health. She is passionate about the impact a healthy diet and lifestyle can have on one's life. Robin takes a client-centered approach to counseling, ensuring that any changes made are realistic & achievable. Robin has appeared on CBC Living, CJAD Health Beat and most recently, FLAVORS cooking show as a nutrition specialist.


Date: Wednesdays, October 17th to November 28th (excludes October 31st)
Time: 7:45 pm to 9:00 pm
Cost: 35$ for 1 session, 90$ for 3 sessions, or 150$ for 6 sessions