De-Stress before you DISTRESS

De-Stress before you DISTRESS
Most sicknesses and diseases are the result of our body's inability to fight viruses, eliminate toxins and manage the stress that is imposed against it. Some stress is actually good for you, it helps you summon up all necessary resources to achieve great things, but with today's hectic lifestyles, we often experience sustained heightened levels of stress, which means our body's stress-response or sympathetic-response is constantly activated. This is detrimental to our mental and physical health. With consistently excessive levels of cortisol and adrenaline, you increase your risk of anxiety and depression, weight gain, sleep disorders, digestion and elimination problems, heart disease, memory loss and physical illness.

It is important for you to DE-Stress before you DISTRESS so you do not suffer the consequences that a full-on stress-assault can have on your body's ability to cope.


In this 3hr workshop you will acquire practical tips and techniques for you to deal with your environment and navigate through difficult changes.

- Differentiating between good stress and excessive stress.
- Coping mechanisms so you can better manage stress and reduce stress
- Developing a stress management and reduction routine that you can easily integrate into your personal practice


This workshop will have a 50 minute presentation and discussion element with 10 minute tea break. The practice will be influenced by Iyengar yoga techniques, breathwork, the Dr. Bali Therapeutic Yoga (Happiness Program), restaurative yoga, yoga nidra, visualisation excercises and meditation.


The therapeutic yoga routine will focus on, neck, shoulder and lower back tension release, joint lubrification, spine decompression, postural re-education and breathwork to improve mood, memory, learning ability, mental clarity, sharpness and concentration.

About Stanley: 

Stanley Oliver Norris is a former Business Executive turned Yoga teacher. Stress played a big role in Stanley's career change. Between 1998 and 2011, he worked in Advertising, Event Marketing and Management in Dubai, UAE. He worked in a toxic environment under very high stress levels with director level responsibilities, an excessively demanding workload and 70hour work weeks on average, often longer. A yoga student since 2003, he decided to reclaim his health and became a full-time yoga teacher in 2012.

Stanley comes from the yoga traditions of Sivananda Yoga, Iyengar, Acro Yoga (Montreal), Ashtanga Yoga Montreal (AYM) and the Dr. Bali Method of Therapeutic Yoga. Stanley adopted a regular yoga practice while living in Dubai in 2003 to help him recover from injuries sustained in martial arts training, to help with insomnia and with professional burn-out. From yoga, he got more than his vitality back, pain relief and a good night’s sleep. Stanley developed a meaningful, healthy and balanced lifestyle and his life was transformed for the better year on year after that.


Stanley is committed to educating the public about stress management as well as the prevention of anxiety-related disorders and depression.


"The idea is to die young as late as possible."
- Ashley Montagu (1905-1999) British-American anthropologist and humanist


Date: Sunday, October 21st, 2018
Time: 1:30-4:30
Cost: 55$