Gratefully Abundant (VIRTUAL)

2020 was a year that shook our foundations, changed our paths and may have left us feeling not quite like ourselves. So this meditation and visualization series is designed to focus on bringing in the joy of gratitude and abundance. It will allow us to look with appreciation on the path that was 2020 and look to forge ourselves a new year ahead with the learnings, stillness and reflection time that 2020 bought us.

In this series we will explore over the 5 classes:

  • Breathing techniques, visualizations, meditation tips
  • Our challenges and learnings during 2020 through reflection, journaling and meditation
  • Letting go and releasing things from 2020 that do not serve us and inviting in new healing energy for the year ahead
  • Looking at our gratitude and joy of 2020 and what we want to bring into the new year
  • What are we looking forward to creating in 2021
  • Mini Card reading for the year ahead


Each class will have a mini discussion, some journaling exercises and time for reflection and meditations and visualizations to bring in calm and clarity for 2021 – the year ahead.

Come celebrate the gratitude and abundance that resides within you. 


Date: 5 week session starting Jan. 25
Time: 8-9 pm
Price: $99 for 5 sessions or $25 for drop-ins 


Please note that this is a virtual workshop. If you signed up, you will receive a Zoom link 15 minutes before the start of the event through your email to join the workshop.


About Nicole

Nicole Marie is a Naturotherapist and Mindful life Coach. She has been featured in the Amazon documentary “The Overly Emotional Child” and Breakfast Television Montreal. She currently provides Reiki and Tarot at Energie EnCorps. Nicole is a mom, an entrepreneur, and has had a 15 year corporate career in technology and marketing. Originally from Australia, she also has two Bachelor degrees in Science and Business. Curious about the spiritual aspects behind the psychology and science of things, she has been studying and practicing esoteric practices for over 10 years - connecting the dots between the material and spiritual. Her spiritual learnings include reiki, crystal healing, tarot, Chi Gong and mindfulness. This has led her to create practical and insightful naturotherapy services and workshops that allow others to embrace their challenges and personal power with calm and tranquility.