Let’s FLOW with the Second Wave

As I am sure you have already heard, Quebec Public Health has asked us to close our group classes again, between October 8-28th. It is sad news, but if this is what is necessary for us to be safer, then be it. The good news is that we are very prepared for this situation. Much more prepared than we were in March. We know exactly what we are doing this time.

This time around, our services will continue via the virtual studio that we worked so hard to develop over the past 6 months. If you have been taking our hybrid classes, you know that our ONLINE offering is excellent. All our yoga and fitness classes, workshops, and teacher training will continue on in the virtual space, without any interruption.

Although it’s not the same as coming in person, virtual classes still allow you to connect with your community, chat with your teachers, meet new people, and of course, move your body and clear your mind… while staying safe.

We know that these are tough times mentally for many of you. We want to be there for you. And, also… maybe you don’t know this… but teaching all of you is just as therapeutic for each and every one of our teachers too. We need you too.

Thank you again for all your support and understanding through this difficult time. Let’s help one another get through this together. We will see what happens after the 28th.

Stay safe everyone.

Rozel Gonzales

Owner, Energie EnCorps


* Please note that all therapies such as osteopathy and massage therapy continue to be offered in person, with COVID safety measures in place. Nutrition and reiki consultations are being offered online.