What are chakras?


Seven chakras points, energy body. Yoga meditation. Location of different Chakras in the body. Root, Navel, Solar plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye, Crown. Basic human chakra system

What are chakras?  So we talked a little bit about chakras in our reiki article.  Our Reiki Practitioner, Nicole Fortunaso works with them to help you feel relaxed – so what are they?  Chakras are known to exist in esoteric practices and where first documented thousands of years ago by several different cultures.  They are essentially the energy centers in our body that assist in moving chi and life force energy through out our body – energetically nurturing our mind, body and spirit.

We actually have many chakras in our body and there is some evidence to suggest that they are similar to the lay lines in the human body that acupuncturists use.  But you may be familiar with them by posters of 7 coloured balls sitting over a persons body while meditating.  Each chakra has a distinctive job and is shape and size influence is unique to us.  A reiki session is about enhancing our unique chakra configuration allowing us to be calm, relaxed and present.

Chakra shapes can be excessive (really open), deficient (very small), balanced (great shape, size and colour for you) or blocked (there is energetic junk in their that needs to come out).  The goal is to find our personal balance and harmony with our energy body.

You can work with them through, energy work like reiki, exercise like yoga, food – eating different coloured foods in your diet, music and essential oils.

Here is a cheat sheet on the chakras:

Chakra Name


The focus for our body


Violet or white

Connection and divine wisdom

Third Eye


Intuition and Intellect





Green or Pink


Solar Plexus








Personal power


Nicole Fortunaso hails from down under. She came to Canada from Australia for a new experience and for a business opportunity over 15 years ago. She is focused on helping individuals find ways to stay tranquil, grounded and gain clarity with holistic and intuitive life coaching, using Reiki, tarot and practical approaches based on her experiences. Nicole is married with a 4-year-old daughter, she is a reiki master, crystal healer and has two bachelor degrees in science and business.

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